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Electronic Reserve Text Linking Request Form - Spring 2023

Use this form to add an article or chapter from the library's full-text journals or e-books to your Library Reserve Course List. To determine if a title is available online and the location search the Library Catalog. Please be sure to list the information on your syllabus exactly as it appears below. Contact Amy Heggie (aheggie@bowdoin.edu) at x3280 in the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, Sue O'Dell (sodell@bowdoin.edu) at x3265 in the Hatch Science Library, or Karen Jung (kjung@bowdoin.edu) at x3311 if you have questions about electronic reserve readings.

E-Mail: @bowdoin.edu

To comply with U.S. Copyright Guidelines, please provide the full citation of the work. The citation that you provide here is what will appear in the Library Reserve List. Complete and accurate citations are required.

Article/Chapter Author(s) (last name, first name):
Article/Chapter Title as it appears on your syllabus:
Journal Name or E-Book Title as it appears on your syllabus:
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