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Submit Scanned Document - Spring 2023

Use this form to submit PDF files for e-reserves to the library.

Information about Discontinuing E-reserve Reuse.

Please ensure that your material complies with the Copyright Fair Use Guidelines. Please note that ISSN/ISBN is now required for submitting this form. The number is necessary for copyright compliance.

Please note that the file size of an uploaded PDF file may not exceed 15 mb. If you need assistance in uploading a larger file, please contact us.

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PDF filenames can not contain spaces or punctuation except for underscore and hyphen characters. We suggest using all lowercase letters, and naming the file with the author's last name and the first significant word of the title, separated by an underscore, eg. smith_american.pdf

Please provide the full citation of the work. The citation that you provide here is what will appear in the Library Reserve List, so please be sure to match the citation exactly as it appears on your syllabus. Complete and accurate citations are required for copyright compliance.

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  *ISSNs can be located via Ulrichs, ISBNs can be located via WorldCat

For books please also provide :

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This reserve is for Hatch Science Library Hawthorne-Longfellow Library
  Beckwith Music Library Pierce Art Library    

Hawthorne-Longfellow Library: Amy Heggie (aheggie@bowdoin.edu) at x3280
Hatch Science Library: Sue O'Dell (sodell@bowdoin.edu) at x3265
Music Library: Karen Jung (kjung@bowdoin.edu) at x3311
Media Commons: Carmen Greenlee (cgreenle@bowdoin.edu) at x3286